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Growing up in LA We have seen it all. Promoters saying they are "For the artists" while creating stress and pressure for the artists to PAY TO PLAY. We believe this LA Show mindset is taking advantage of musicians and deceiving artists promising "Exposure" when in fact the musicians end up playing for the people they already know. Bars & Restaurants will use this word " Exposure" as well when in reality taking advantage of musicians by cutting costs and offering the musicians no compensation. (isn't there a minimum wage in Ca? and isn't what you do considered work when performing for patrons?)

This leads to booking untalented musicians many times instead of supporting and shining a light on the True Talent.  Independent artists should have listening shows once in a while to bring all of their fans out to, but what about other opportunities in between those Events? We are creating a space where the most talented up and coming Bands and Acoustic acts in LA can play for new ears to create new fans and also create a sublet income to support themselves and their craft.  We believe that all of the time spent practicing your craft and skills deserves compensation and YellowBird Entertainment will create a new Standard for Booking and what artists should expect from Venues and Bookers. 

What if all of the talented musicians Said NO and all of these businesses taking advantage? Wouldn't that be great ? It starts with us it starts with you. 

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